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We pride ourselves on our fine meals for cats and dogs of all ages. Get in touch and tell us what makes your best friend go nuts for Rufus. Knowing that cats and dogs are enjoying our meals makes all the hard work we put into making them worth it. We are cat and dog lovers pure and simple.

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Keep them purr-fect.
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We never stop trying to improve our meals everyday. See what we’ve been up to this week. Also let us know what we can do or should be doing to improve. We are not happy until every meal is as good as it could ever be.

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We have laid bare the details of what is in our meals and why. Let us explain why we are the best.

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Your Pics

We want to see your pets and what makes them happy etc ...

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About us

From Sir Winston’s dog to supermarket shelves. Our path to perfection and everything along the way.

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Advanced nutrition

A healthy diet requires the precise mix of ingredients. Through years of research this is what we have grown to understand.

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Information on our remarkable advanced technology cat litter Why put up with old clumping litter. No more excuses make the move.

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Don't make him wait for his Rufus

A German shepherd guide dog once led her companion the full length of the Appalachian trail, that’s over 2,100miles. She must have smelt the Rufus at the end