Make meal time tasty

Rufus History

With the aim of producing nutritious and flavoursome meals for both dogs and cats we have come a long way in the last 30 years.

The beginning

Our name came from Sir Winston Churchill who named his black poodle Rufus, apparently they were inseparable. Rufus was such a part of the family that he used to have his meals served by the butler next to the family table and no one would begin to eat until Rufus had his meal. When Rufus finally passed on Sir Winston took care of a second poodle and named this one Rufus II, although Sir Winston said 'the II was to be silent'!

The early days

Our path through the 1980’s

Where we are now

By constantly developing fantastic meals and not compromising on quality we now have a wide range of foods. With a bright future and with your help we can go on creating our fantastic meals. Please get in touch to let us know what we should be doing next.


A German shepherd guide dog once led her companion the full length of the Appalachian trail, that’s over 2,100miles. She must have smelt the Rufus at the end