Make meal time tasty

Honest Food

We have been driven to produce the healthiest and most balanced food available for both cats and dogs of all ages.

This has been our aim ever since we became involved in supplying meals for the millions of cats and dogs out there.

We can actively choose which meals we eat but the animals we care for are given what we provide for them, on this basis we at Rufus will not compromise on the quality of our meals. This is the care and dedication which goes into each and every meal we provide. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable.

As the labelling regulations have made us detail the ingredients in our meals in somewhat confusing ways we thought we would like to outline what the different elements are nice and clearly for everyone to see and understand. In effect strip back and show our meals to be what they are, good honest foods.

What's in the meals

Meat Animal Derivatives This legal and confusing word describes the meat which goes into our meals. By knowing what your cat and dog needs for an active and healthy life we know which sections of various animals best suit their needs.

The rich meat in our meals provides the proteins which are vital to the cats and dogs we feed. Ours are packed with between 30-60% meat and animal derivatives. Liver and heart for example may not be to our own human tastes but these contain taurine for the eyes and heart and without it your dog or cat would suffer. Bones are also vital providing calcium for bones and teeth.

All the meat in our meals has passed all the EU regulations relating to animal by product regulations.

Vegetable Derivatives
Vitamins and Minerals
Inorganic Matter
or Ash
Cereals and Fibre
Meat Animal Derivatives

Home Truths

Do you know where the meat comes from which goes into your meals?

All our manufacturing process is fully traceable which means we can fully trace the origin of every meal we produce. We produce our meals in batches which we log the ingredients of, we then print the batch number on the meals packaging. We then keep samples from every batch we manufacture. In this way we can fully trace every ingredient which goes into every meal we make.

This way if there is any issue whatsoever with a meal we can call upon the sample we have to inspect the product.

Meat Content
in Meals


Origins of
our Meals

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